How Long Will My Mouth Hurt After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

It’s normal to be nervous about any type of tooth extraction, especially if this is the first time having one. We’ll look at how long your mouth will hurt after wisdom tooth extraction in Scottsdale, AZ, and what you can do on your end to speed it along.

Normal Pain

To be told that your pain is normal is not meant to diminish it, only to let you know that your body is reacting the way it should be after the extraction. No matter what type of extraction you have, there’s going to be some degree of stress on the body. Pain around the extraction site will go away as you heal. You’ll feel it the most a few hours after the procedure, and you can help manage the pain with medications like Tylenol.

How Long Does the Wisdom Tooth Discomfort Last?

If your procedure was relatively minor, you can expect to go back to normal after just a few days. In the most complicated of cases, you might still be experiencing discomfort after two weeks. As a general rule, as long as the pain is getting better every day, you’re likely on the right track. In the meantime, it’s important that you take the recommendations of the dentist seriously. This means giving your body enough rest, eating foods that won’t overstress your mouth, or using ice packs to reduce swelling.

When to Call a Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ

It’s time to call if you’re exhibiting signs that the procedure went wrong. Typically, this will mean that you have an infection or nerve damage, which can manifest in anything from fever to numbness. If you have excessive bleeding that won’t stop, your swelling is getting worse, or your pain isn’t going away with painkillers, it might be time to call a dentist in Scottsdale, AZ.

If you’re nervous about your wisdom tooth extraction, the staff of Dr. Pete N. Mellas, DMD is here to answer all of your questions. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eliminate all of the risks that come with this procedure, but it is possible to reduce negative reactions when you pick the right team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


Getting a Tooth Extraction? What to Expect

Getting a tooth extraction can be a stressful experience – especially if you’re not sure what to expect. Before you go to the dentist in Scottsdale, AZ for a tooth extraction, you should learn more about what happens during this kind of procedure. In this article, we’ll give you information that can help set expectations for your upcoming tooth extraction. Here’s what you need to know.

Who Needs a Tooth Extraction?

You may need a tooth extraction if your tooth is badly infected and cannot be repaired with a root canal, or if your tooth is badly damaged and cannot be repaired with a crown or filling. Your dentist will likely not suggest a tooth extraction if a crown or filling could help instead. Tooth extraction is usually a last resort, as a missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift in the mouth.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

There are multiple ways that a dentist can proceed with a tooth extraction. A simple extraction proceeds as follows: the dentist will numb the area, use a tool (called an elevator) to loosen the tooth, then use forceps to remove the tooth.

The other way to remove a tooth is a surgical extraction. With this type of procedure, sedation is used to make the patient sleep while the procedure is underway. The dentist removes cuts into the connective tissues around the tooth, and removes the tooth surgically. Sometimes, surgical removal requires the tooth to be fragmented in order to be removed. Your dentist will tell you which type of extraction is best for your situation.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, your dentist will give you instructions for healing and care of the site. Your dentist will suggest a special diet in the hours immediately following the procedure, and will also give you instructions for pain management and to help aid healing of the wound. Follow these instructions carefully. Healing can take a few days. During that time, you may need to take off from work.

Have more questions about what to expect during a tooth extraction in Scottsdale, AZ? Call Dr. Pete N. Mellas, DMD. We have answers to your questions!