How Much Does Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Cost?

As the name suggests, full-mouth rehabilitation in Scottsdale, AZ, is a major undertaking. Because of the sheer number of treatments to complete, it’s one of the more expensive services you can commit to in the oral health industry. We’ll look at what you can expect to pay and why it’s so important to forge on even in the face of this extensive treatment.

How Much Does Full-Mouth Rehab Cost?

The exact cost for full-mouth rehab will depend on your insurance plan, the dentist you visit, and the number of treatments you’ll need. If you need implants, gum surgery, crowns, fillings, bridges, and tooth extractions, the ballpark costs will certainly be somewhere in the tens of thousands. In some cases, these numbers can stretch into six figures and beyond. This is particularly true if you opt for high-end materials that are designed to go the distance.

How Can I Pay for Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

It is important to talk to your insurance carrier and dentist about the cost of full-mouth rehab. The caveat is that you must be prepared for various answers. In some cases, people will be willing to work with you, while in others, they may answer with simple affirmations or denials.

If you want help paying for this treatment, whether in the form of insurance compensation or payment plans, you may need to keep calling around. Only when you have an accurate idea of what’s available can you decide your best path. Once you’ve worked out the treatment plan, it should be easier to plan around your budget.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re looking for full-mouth rehabilitation in Scottsdale, AZ, contact the offices of Dr. Pete N. Mellas, DMD, to see how we can help. Despite its significant price tag, full-mouth rehabilitation is often the best way to prevent your oral health from degrading further.

Rehab isn’t just vital for preserving your speech patterns, facial muscles, and eating habits, it’s also important for your overall health as well. Tooth decay can lead to tooth infections, which don’t always stay confined in the mouth. To schedule potentially life-saving treatments, we’re here to give you your smile back.